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How to make learning your habit

The most crucial step to successful learning is selecting the right skill or subject in the first place. Don’t even look at committing any effort towards something that does not interest you, simply because everyone else is doing this, as it would look cool on Instagram, etc.. Both your energy and time are limited and precious, so ensure to simply spend them on things that are meaningful to you personally or that you like. Ask yourself: What have you ever been curious about, which have you always wanted to be able to do, everything resembles a ton of fun?

If your schedule is super active, do not forget that the range of your own learning is entirely up to you. You’re able to dedicate a complete week to learning how to meditate at a retreat, you may register to get a weekly arcade course or you could just brush up on your Spanish vocabulary through your commute. You don’t need to be able to spend a whole lot of time plus a ability to make it worthwhile. After fifteen minutes of exercise you will have improved, even after reading only ten pages you will know more than previously. So never let a hectic schedule keep you from learning exactly what you wish to know and finding new things, because every little counts.


Even when you’re only learning something new for the fun of it, then it’s a fantastic idea to do so with an end purpose in mind, i.e. an event in the not-so-distant prospective once you are able to utilise your new skill or knowledge. By way of example, if you would like to dust off your high college French, then you can plan a trip to France for next fall. If you have a site and want to get better in photography, then come up with a cool photo-based series which you are able to execute in a few weeks time. If you want to get into woodworking and DIY, set yourself the aim of having the ability to construct a seat for your garden in time for summer. The idea here isn’t to include additional pressure for yourself (if your aim has that effect, tone down it), but to inspire you and provide you something concrete to work with.


When you’ve produced an enjoyable goal, it’s time to work out how you want to approach your preferred skill or topic. Would you want to have a course, a workshop or even course with a personal trainer/instructor, or do you need to start with working your way through a novel, and online class or some other type of learning material? The key is choosing a method that aligns nicely with your personal preference for analyzing so you’ll enjoy it more and also make much better progress. I like learning on my own rather than actually found listening to folks describing something all that useful, but a number of my friends are the complete opposite and would much rather learn through discussion with others. Whatever your preference, take your time to compare all of your options before you take your choice.


If you’re taking a course or working with a teacher, this measure is going to be taken care of for you, but if you are going solo I’d certainly suggest that you spend some time familiarising yourself with your preferred learning materials and then determine a very simple study program. As an example, if you want to know a language, then you might decide you need to work through two chapters per week on your textbook and in addition to that conversation to a native speaker over Skype after weekly. Naturally, you always have the option to correct your plan at a later point, but working with a transparent direction from the beginning can help you make much better progress and that is always the ideal motivation.


To really make learning a custom and help you stick to your study plan, consider booking particular time slots in your week for every one of the skills you wish to know. If at all possible, tie your study sessions to another action which you’re already doing frequently. As an example, you could say that every week on sundays following your trip into the farmer’s market you will dedicate 1 hour to trying out a brand new recipe. Or each morning after breakfast you may spend 10 minutes enjoying the guitar before you venture out to get the job done.

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